Egg Face Mask by Bioaqua


Egg Face Mask by Bioaqua

With the help of an egg face mask, acne-prone skin can be given the most effective form of anti-acne treatment. The eggs used in this type of masks are more like the yolks of an egg rather than the white. They contain a sufficient quantity of collagen, a protein found in the skin that produces healthy and younger-looking skin.

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Egg Face Mask by Bioaqua

Including a Egg Face Mask into your Face Care Routing will give you a boost in "Collagen", generally referred to as the body's largest structural protein that helps in the body's regeneration process and in tissue growth. Collagen acts as a natural moisturizer for the skin. As the effect of the mask is sustained, the skin will receive more skin moisture which will not only make it look younger but it will also reduce the inflammation associated with acne as well as leaving your skin feeling hydrated and smooth.


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